A Job in the Cruise Industry?

So, you who want to get a cruise line job that centers on catering to tourists’ needs in an industry that’s growing in terms of passengers and revenue numbers. Well, the UAE cruise ship business is booming, and that means there are numerous job opportunities for people who are interested in working in this industry in a shipboard job or in any number of shore-based vacancies as employees who are responsible for promoting the cruise company to business partners and potential customers.

If you are interested in meeting people from all over the world then, there is an abundance of opportunities as employers are in need to hire qualified workers from all over the world. So, why not find your dream job? See if the cruise industry may have something for you and then check out cruise companies operating out of the UAE to apply for a position.

Here are the different types of employment opportunities available in this industry with shore based and onboard positions.

  • Work as a Tourism Consultant at a cruise company for making reservations of the different on-shore excursions that can be arranged in each visit to ports. This can be working from an office to offer and devise new on-board and on-shore activities as part of an all-inclusive vacation package that satisfies the expectations of everyone.
  • Work as a Cruise Ship Tour Guide, an important element in any tourist itinerary. Develop interesting travel experiences for guests onboard and make the arrangements for excursions during the cruise. These employees can fill roles working in a customer service or administrative post.
  • Work as a Shore Excursion Manager will work with the cruise liner staff to get the tours dispatched. Duties include to negotiate, contract and schedule all guest trips. Those who consider themselves an ambassador of the city could share the history and sights of the destination to crew and guests alike, deliver narration, presentations, and suggest tour movements for ship itineraries & programs.
  • Work as Cruise Travel Agent to involve tourists in cruises by showing off interesting local landmarks, create individualized vacation packages and advise vacationers on what best fits their needs.

UAE’s expanding cruise infrastructure is making it become a favorite seaport destination for passenger vessels going to and from the Middle East Gulf Area in their itineraries. This is because of the many unique experiences that only this part of the world can offer and for the many customer-centric services the UAE is able to offer.

Seafarer tourists are engaged in enjoyable activities during stopovers for day-call visits and excursions to see the best of the county’s landmarks, to go to any of the luxury shops as well as souvenir stores, to enjoy one or more safari tours, or perhaps to go onboard a wooden-decker Dhow (traditional Arabian wooden boat) by taking one of the mini-cruise outings departing from Abu Dhabi’s Marina or Dubai Marina area to admire the views while having dinner.

These are only a few of the most sought-after jobs in the cruise and tourism industry. But be sure to know exactly what each position entails before you apply (even if you have no experience). Then, you’ll need to know the right places to send your resume. The web is the best place to locate this information. Check out Cruise Ship Jobs, CruiseJobFinder, Shipping & Maritime jobs in Dubai and Marine Jobs In UAE to review open job positions and post your resume.

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