Astronaut Careers: Be part of a UAE spacecraft’s crew

Do you dream of being an astronaut and being a part of UAE’s space program? Is your dream to become one of the Emirati astronauts to travel into space?

This is a dream job for many who have set their sights on to explore the unknown and vastness of space. Though not many astronaut jobs are “out there” in the United Arab Emirates, there are some opportunities for the right candidates.

Those who are selected for space programs are very specialized and will undergo intense training to prepare them for space missions; candidates will have specific responsibilities aboard the spacecraft for very specific purposes to include conducting research and experiments in support of projects that aim at knowing more about the earth’s atmosphere or universe or looking for planets that can support human life.

The roles that an astronaut may serve range from a mission specialist to a commander, engineer or pilot. Of course, salary also varies. Those with great experience in aeronautics and astronautics with a background in technical areas will often earn more money.

There’s no denying that space exploration puts astronauts’ lives in danger, so they must pass certain physical requirements and be in good physical condition; candidates will have to complete comprehensive academic and medical exams (must have no health problems, be in a good mental state with emotional stability and adaptability), which are an extremely important part of the job as an astronaut.

That’s what it takes to join any Nation’s Space Program. And the UAE is looking for people (men or women) who are qualified to become astronauts.

New astronauts-to-be, before they are cleared for their flight into space, will also get trained in simulation exercises and in authentic spacecrafts for a taste of the actual experience when in orbit.

Though it is a rather competitive field, there is always a need for more skilled astronauts (e.g., engineers, research assistants, scientists, technicians, mechanics, and other talented professionals) to carry forward the great discovery process that each mission demands.

There’s no doubt that space exploration has its benefits and some will be fortunate enough to be part of the UAE astronaut program.

So, what does it take to be an astronaut and be signed up? Here’s how to apply.

  • Check out the UAE Astronaut Programme to understand the selection process and how candidates are chosen for the Emirati astronaut corps.
  • Check out the NASA space program, the world’s leader in space and aeronautics, which is now accepting new astronaut applications. NASA offers internships and fellowships. Not long ago, as part of an agreement between NASA and the non-profit Arab Youth Venture Foundation (AYVF), up to 12 UAE students per year for three years have participated in the program, which included government entities sponsoring the foundation’s activities in full, including costs related to student lodging, housing, and transportation, according to S. Pete Worden, director of NASA Ames. “This groundbreaking program, administered by NASA, [provided] select UAE citizens the opportunity to work with NASA scientists, researchers, and engineers on actual NASA missions.” Also, International Interns opportunities for non-US citizens come available time to time.

Becoming an Astronaut: The dream of many youths. Here’s what is new: NASA Space and Rocketry Summer Camp 2018 (open to all students aged from 9 to 18 years) comes to the UAE for the first time. “It will employ NASA’s and the UAE’s space curriculum, space projects, astronaut training and other activities, as a staff reporter from told. It will run from Sunday, July 15 to Thursday, Aug.23 in 6 different batches.

A similar event had students in the UAE meet a former astronaut (Robert Curbeam), as part of the NASA Space Camp’s schools outreach program in partnership with the Dubai based Compass International which aims at educating and familiarizing students with space science, as mentioned Dubai Eye 103.8.

Are you ready to go into space and be part of the next class of astronauts? Qualified candidates could have a chance to be chosen as a member of a shuttle crew and complete spacewalks in a mission. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a trained astronaut will get to go to space as flight opportunities are very limited, but dreaming is free!

Astronaut Careers: Be part of a UAE spacecraft’s crew

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