Employment in the UAE: Working (and Living) in Dubai

Searching for a Job? Well, whether you are entering the UAE job market as a national or an expatriate, it is important to be well prepared to ensure knowing what is expected in the emirate.

Whether it is to live or work in Dubai, here are some things to think about:

UAE’s high cost of living and property prices have always been a factor for those wishing to move to the Emirates. However, the recent drop in housing prices and stabilization in the property market—with a softening of Dubai’s real estate market—has allowed the expat population lately to see their dream home come to within reach. Nowadays, life in the UAE for foreigners is becoming even more of an enticing option for those that are considering buying property.

In addition to finding work, some expats are opting to become long term investors and want to benefit from business opportunities in the Dubai Free Zones, which encourages foreign trade and investment. This makes an impact on the overall economic growth of the country, told the GN (Gulf News) Focus team.

Why employment in Dubai? It is a tax-free city with no income or capital gains tax. Expats are attracted to Dubai for high salaries.

Some of the ways through which you can search for a job in the UAE include the following:

  • Visit the official portal of the UAE Government – http://government.ae/en/finding_a_job. The website for information on employment in the UAE.
  • Visit the Emirates Nationals Development Programme (ENDP) website – http://www.endp.ae/. The website for Job opportunities for UAE citizens.

Dubai is the place to be for foreigners or expats, as opportunities are more readily available. According to a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) about how people perceive cities, of those surveyed—a group of 5,200 people from 16 countries—respondents said Dubai is amongst the 30 cities people say are best in the world.

Did you know? Dubai is amongst the highest ranked cities when it comes to “Best Cities” and “Cities of Opportunity” in both studies in these categories: Sustainability & environmental care; Least traffic congestion.

Dubai was also ranked strong in innovation and entrepreneurship; accompanied by modernization and significant expansion. In PwC’s “Cities of Opportunity” and “Best Cities” survey, Dubai is a city “winning” in these two dimensions:

  • Innovative – domestic innovations have significantly increased over the past decade and have had a profound impact on economic growth.
  • Modernity – the city is seen as trendy place also thanks to the ‘construction boom’ and major infrastructure projects that were embarked upon.

Dubai’s 21st century modernity and innovation have drawn in a mixture of nationalities, professionals who have decided to make the city their new home. Dubai with its many new developments and signature architectural projects is now among the “hidden gems” when it comes to cities with the biggest potential as recognized by global travelers and settlers.

Employment in the UAE: Working (and Living) in Dubai

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