InterNations in the United Arab Emirates – helps expats move abroad for work
As its names suggests, InterNations is a global expat network where “international people” can find everything they need in one centralized place – online. This network is where you can meet, connect, and exchange information with fellow expats and knowledgeable locals who understand your situation and are able to provide valuable tips and facts about your destination.

Founded in 2007 by three young expatriate entrepreneurs from Germany, makes available a social community network that makes “life easier for expats.” It is a website to find information about your new environment. It is present in over 390 cities and all countries around the globe.

InterNations – a trusted Network & Guide for Expats in the UAE – brings members in sync to know more of UAE’s vibrant expat community and/or Emirian expat living. It is where expats and other global minds come together to support others in relocating to and settling in the Emirates and beyond.

According to the founders of the website, this Expatriate Community for Expats Worldwide has since its foundation helped countless members from all nationalities to find other expatriates in a similar situation, with comparable interests and needs, to get tips and advice on their move.

Members often join to enter the Forum or its Discussion Groups, so they can exchange expat-specific tips and advice. Others use the site to know of offline Events and Activities.

In addition to the website, members can find valuable, expat-relevant information from the Country & City Guides and Expat Magazines to cover areas such as general quality of life, working abroad, family life, leisure and making friends abroad. As an expat, culture shock effects can be severe; fortunately, it is possible to prepare yourself better with the help of members of the InterNations platform.

There are even city guides to help you deal with the challenges of working abroad. InterNations’ material provides career prospects to expatriates. Many soon-to-be expats who are on their way to start their job abroad in the UAE will find recruiters, career fairs, and business networking leads to help increase their chances of success during their job search. InterNations makes a great resource to find out which jobs are in demand in specific regions and which positions are open at foreign-owned companies.

Many expats move abroad for employment reasons, job security or improved income; while others are making the UAE not just a safe place to live but a fun one. From acquiring cultural intelligence to making yourself feel at home while living abroad, InterNations can really help you make it happen.

In order to register, simply go to and click the Join now, it’s free! link. Once your account registration has been entered, to setup a profile page, the Member Relations Team will go through the membership request and provide a response within 48-hours. For enquiries, please contact

InterNations in the United Arab Emirates – helps expats move abroad for work

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