Job Hiring in the UAE: Opportunities Might Improve in 2018

Employment opportunities are declining these days in the United Arab Emirates, according to the Monster Employment Index UAE, then who’s hiring? Though it’s true that some companies in the region are devising plans to make some job cuts and preparing to lay off some of their staff, not all organizations are reducing their headcounts; in fact, there are only a small percentage of employers actually planning redundancies, as other bosses are intending to hire additional staff to meet their 2018 business objectives.

In addition, many are considering leaving their current employer because of inferior work conditions or expecting their compensation to “get worse”. In view of that, staff retention continues to be a problem with employees who may depart their jobs in hope of finding something better. Some staff leave in hope to find an outfit that may provide better benefits and compensation packages than what they’ve been given; this turnover is a challenge for many HR departments that work to retain their best talents. Employers face a two-fold challenge; either offer training and development programs that will instill a greater sense of loyalty in their employees or present them with salaries and benefits above that of the competition, if not take on superior roles supported by promotional doings, says Cleofe Maceda, Senior Web Reporter, Gulf News Employment.

Meceda reported also that in surveys, “in the area of job satisfaction, half of UAE respondents said they are satisfied towards their career growth opportunities.” And, 48 per cent said they are satisfied with their work-life balance. In terms of salary increase expectations, according to the latest wage study from Aon’s research, employees’ income at some UAE companies are likely to increase of an estimated 4.3 per cent in 2018, as the economic conditions are improving as a result of the implementation of the 5 per cent value-added tax (VAT) that will also boost gross domestic product (GDP) growth.

Though not all industry sectors are set to register growth, there’s optimism for the future of the hiring situation in the UAE. UAE can look forward to a friendlier job market coming 2018 with a more stable economy in need of relevant talents across a vast spectrum of industries. So, job-seekers shall remain positive about their prospects over the coming year with recruitment activity sure to improve; thus, making it relatively easy for them to get hired, if they meet all the criteria, say the hiring experts.

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Job Hiring in the UAE: Opportunities Might Improve in 2018

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