Make-up Artist in UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Be a supplier of beauty products. There is an urgent need of a sales representative and make-up artist.

Company: Al Tayer Group

Job Offer: Illamasqua Make-Up Artist (Dept. Retail/Wholesale)

* Vacancy ID: ATG4118 – Make Up Artist – Illamasqua – Abu Dhabi (Job Ref: JB3292166)
* *Vacancy ID: ATG3571  Make Up Artist – Illamasqua – Dubai (Job Ref: Ref. JB3292165)
* Beauty Consultant (Vacancy ID:ATG4119) & Beauty Specialist (*Vacancy ID: ATG3877)

* (Note: Vacancy closed; however, there is sure to be another opening in the near future.)

Apply via; use Job Ref to identify job.

Experience: Applicants must have at least 3 years of hands-on experience in the beauty industry; training in Cosmetology is advantageous as the position seeks for creative, passionate applicants who like bold and high-pigmented colors as well as unconventional make up.

Skills: Possess good communication skills; display strong customer service skills

Requirements: S/he will be required to deliver excellent customer service through identifying clients’ beauty/cosmetics needs; needs to be  able to recommend and demonstrate products too in order to drive sales and enhance brand image. Those with passion and committed to excellence in delivering quality as well as customer services are encouraged to apply. The Group looks for somebody that preferably has experience in retail.

Familiarities: conversant with make-up brands

Job Responsibilities: The person selected will be responsible for achieving optimum sales and targets. To do so, the hired individual might provide makeup demonstrations to customers and guide them through right make up combinations, etc.

Language Requests: Arabic speaking; also English-spoken desirable

Location: Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE; there are available positions in each city.

Vacancy Announcement Closing Date: August 2015


Al Tayer Group, founded in the United Arab Emirates in 1979, is a family owned business that represents some of the world’s most renowned brands in Beauty/Cosmetics. As mentioned at, a renowned job site in the Gulf and Middle East, the group’s business activities today extend beyond the UAE to cover the GCC and Middle East markets for cosmetics distribution.

The Group has its headquarters in Dubai with operations in Abu Dhabi stores, as well as across multiple markets in the region.

Why work at Al Tayer Group? It nurtures an open and diverse culture; it has some of the world’s most sought-after brands of make-up.

This job is ideal for those interested in demonstrating makeups or doing makeovers. As an Illamasqua Make-Up Artist, you will help accentuate the customers’ look beyond the standards. In addition, candidates will be asked to sell professional make-up too. S/he will be expected to follow up on regular customers to enhance the branded beauty/cosmetic products. With multi-brands and multiple outlets in the UAE, Al Tayer Group’s retail operation depends on those that can drive sales.

For further details, visit the Al Tayer Group’s Website:; go to careers opportunities page.

Becoming a Makeup Artist (through on-the-job training): Those that would like to start a career in the beauty/cosmetics industry can attend a variety of make-up schools. They can contact, for example, Mary Samele, Freelance Makeup Artist – Cosmetic Trainer (as well as Special Effect Specialist), at She provids makeup consultation and applications for individuals and groups at various events in Italy and in the UAE.

Make-up Artist in UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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