Media Production Opportunities (Film & Video) in Dubai

Why work in the media industry in Dubai? “Blessed with rugged mountains, rose-tinted sand dunes, and turquoise seas, along with top-notch infrastructure and deep talent pool, Dubai is a filmmaker’s oasis,” states the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) website. For this reason, and because of Dubai’s cutting-edge infrastructure and world-class facilities, you’ll find the emirate to be the ideal place for your next feature film, broadcast or commercial TV production. The Dubai Film and TV Commission promotes the emirate’s vibrant film and production industry by providing all required supporting documents and also issues shooting permits for public and private productions across a range of mediums, including film, television, corporate videos, advertisements, online content and other new media. (If you are looking to shoot your next project in Dubai, click here for a list of Dubai-based production companies.)

Jamal Al Sharif, Chairman of Dubai Film and TV Commission also commented: “We have no doubt that Dubai will be a global production hub in the Middle East, offering a serious competitive edge to all filmmakers, and attracting production companies from around the world. I see it as our responsibility to make this happen, because we have the right fundamentals, the advanced facilities and a new generation of young talents that can build this industry.” (

For Film and TV production professionals, then, Dubai can be an exciting, vibrant city and this is the right time for media production professionals to enter the market and bank on the industry’s desire to expand to new markets including the Middle East as an alternative to film hubs like Hollywood or Bollywood. UAE is said to be a cost-effective shooting destination. It’s a win-win situation for both the filmmakers and producers to save money in production costs. DFTC is working to ensure that filming in Dubai is as easy and efficient as possible by having the resources and professional support to make any size production a true success.

As a testament to its commitment to make Dubai a premier filming destination for local and around the globe productions, DFTC unveiled the ambitious 2020 Vision: To establish Dubai as a global new media hub and support growth in the sector by stimulating digital media production. DFTC has already been working hard to reach this goal by hosting a series of events that would open the doors to new talent. There are opportunities to all types of professionals, regardless of previous experience or location.

So, do you want to be among a growing media community? Here’s how.

First of all, there are some internship opportunities within the DFTC. Just fill out the online form to register as an applicant. You might be able to work as part of producers, crew or filmmakers groups on a set. DFTC specializes in locating young actors for TV, theatre and film. For years, DFTC has helped many people land roles in professional media productions. Working with DFTC to try film-making, for example, as a possible career choice can give interns an edge when looking for permanent positions.

DFTC plays a major role also in encouraging newcomers to enter this industry with that mentality and creativity to cast productions through the launch of platforms like VIDXB, an event dedicated to online video. Dubai Film and TV Commission’s VIDXB 2017 was the region’s first ever celebration of content creators and online video to help promote local content and facilitate online content creation in the UAE. Participants included aspiring and established content creators, media influencers, fan communities, and industry professionals. Such a platform made it possible to attend content creation workshops, panel talks, networking opportunities and much more, like to learn more about making effective branded content. So, whether you’re an aspiring influencer or a media professional, it’s definitely worth checking out next edition.

To nurture local talent, DFTC has, in the past, hosted Netflix at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF); and supported the Children’s International Film Festival (CIFF) to empower the young aspiring filmmakers learn the fundamentals and skills of this art.

There are a number of fantastic opportunities for a pool of production talent to join a fast paced and TV Production company in Dubai. CONNECT WITH DFTC (, as they have links to casting calls for film, TV, commercial and corporate video projects year-round.

Media Production Opportunities (Film & Video) in Dubai

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