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Finding Medical Careers in Dubai might be uncomplicated in Dubai as the medical sector is booming and attracting more and more investments. It is important, however, to know that competition is steep in the field and that establishing a succesfull business in Dubai, today, requires being able to cut out a space in an already crowded market with offer surpassing demand.

To work as a doctor in Dubai, one must meet these requirements:

– Obtain a work visa.

– Have a license to practice medicine issued by the Health Department.

– Must belong to a medical specialty recognized by the country.

According to Dr. Max Calderan, Marketing Manager  of the Royal Aesthetica Poly Clinic  in Jumeirah,

The first step to take before venturing in unnecessary trips is to see if the university degree obtained in [your country] is recognized by the DHA. This step can take up to three months or more. Then you have to decide whether your professional activity will be full time or part time with local presence on a weekly or biweekly basis every two / three months. Many doctors choose to relocate permanently with their family in the UAE and this increases the chance of professional growth making themselves attractive in the market thanks to the experience gained on the ground. For sure you have to prepare an accurate business plan because the offer far exceeds the demand making vanish the expectation of earning much money right away thinking to be the only professionals available in the market. The best formula for doctors who want to start their activities independently is to rent a doctor’s office for at least 12 months at a clinic or health center and begin to exercise with their support in terms of communication and marketing.”


Where is it possible to find vacancies? Those considering medical careers in Dubai have many opportunities within Dubai’s Healthcare System to provide treatment and emergency care in hospitals and several outpatient medical centers.

 “The opportunities to work as a doctor in the UAE are considerable, and the international recruitment activity is very high, with numerous recruitment agencies and employers advertising for doctors, nurses and allied health staff.” (Source: which became

Salaries for employees in the healthcare and medical sector vary depending on the person’s job role, level in position, qualifications and whether they’re working in a hospital or clinic that is part of the public or private sector.

“A general practitioner in Dubai can earn an average annual salary of 243,805 AED, while a Staff Nurse in Dubai can expect an average annual salary of around 87,764 AED. A Medical Technologist earns an average salary of 111,289 AED per year in Dubai.” (Source:

Jobs within the healthcare and medical sector will also frequently include an accommodation allowance, although this is dependent on the job.

The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), the world’s largest healthcare free zone, is a health and wellness destination that has vacancies. DHCC is in search of fresh graduates or experienced professionals to gain valuable experience in various fields, especially in medical education. A CV will be your most important selling tool when it comes to getting an interview or being considered for a position.

In addition, the Doctors in Dubai website ( has vacancies listed on its job search page with positions at specialty clinics located across the emirates. Alternatively, Jobs4Medical, a medical job listings website with opportunities in Dubai and the UAE, is a professional medical recruitment services that specialize in finding jobs for medical and allied healthcare professionals.

An opportunity is also available at the U.S. Consulate General, Dubai that is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of a part-time Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner in the Health Unit (HU). All interested candidates can apply on the official site. V-16-055EE Physician Assistant -Nurse Practitioner (Part-time)- Extended – Dubai, closing date: Open until filled

In essence, Dubai can be a great place to live and work for those in the medical field who enjoy being in a multicultural environment.

Next is some useful information for job seekers as a healthcare or medical physician in Dubai.

– Many doctors choose to relocate, so to be able to reside in Dubai you must have a resident visa, which can be gained either with the employment contract, through sponsorship or by opening their own business.

– Typically, the employer over salary provides accomodation (alone or shared with other staff or a bonus that is intended to cover totally or partially such spending), and medical insurance.

–Doctors who want to start their activities independently will be able to rent a doctor’s office for at least 12 months at a clinic or health center and begin to exercise with the support in terms of communication and marketing of the same clinic.

– Again, those who want to consider starting a business in Dubai or work as a freelancer are  expected to enjoy total exemption—no taxes.

Medical Careers in Dubai

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