Merchandiser – Retail Group

Job Offer in Jordan. Seeking: Merchandiser – Retail Group

• Provide trading summary and all required reports to the head office, brand managers and the partners on weekly bases.

• Arrange with the brand manager in order to do the pricing for each shipment.

• Participate in the buying process with brand manager.

• Support the brand manager with necessarily reports in order to do a PRODUCT TRANSFERS between stores.

Reports are:

1) Brand performance sheet.
2) Sell through report

• Follow up with the brand managers on daily bases by phone to check if there is any pending issue.
• Visit the stores on weekly bases supported with reports such as (SELL THROUGH) to check up on the products.
• Preparing the discount file and follow up with the IT dept (Jordan OR KSA), that the promotion is confirmed, and make sure that’s up running in stores.

• The merchandiser is responsible for any promotion and to do it right must do the following:

1) Prepare the sell through report to check the slow / fast moving items.

2) Check the stock on hand level by season and sell through %.

3) Check on the on hand M% before the discount and after in order to meet the company objectives.

4) Check the sales figures and compare it with business plan to see the brand performance.
5) Get the feedback from the brand manager before and after the promotion.

• Analyze the market study which is should be done by the brand manager on monthly bases in order to revise the prices and the margin of the brand.

• Discuss the weekly reports with brand manager on weekly bases.

• As a merchandising dept, we should have a meeting with the brand managers on weekly bases to discuss the brand performance sheet, sell through reports, promotions, issues.

Job Details

Date Posted: 2014-02-16
Job Location: Amman, Jordan
Job Role: Other
Company Industry: Retail/Wholesale

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Nationality: Jordan

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