Prepare for a UAE Job in Entertainment, Filmmaking and Acting

Are you pursuing acting in films, TV and theatre as a hobby or career but have no idea where to start?

The United Arab Emirates are a great destination for film and TV production. UAE has emerged as one of the finest media hubs, according to Dubai Film and TV commission (DFTC), which looks forward to developing more formalized film incentives that will allow local talent the opportunity to build and grow ‘Under the Filming or Acting Industry Spotlights’. If you want to be an actor or actress and are interested in internship or casting call opportunities, you may want to see what the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) has to offer; visit their website at

You can also jumpstart your filming or acting career in the UAE by attending upcoming workshops which offer practical advice on TV and film work, as well as training courses that help newbies become passionate about the field. Workshops, in particular, are a great way to gain an awareness of both educational and career options within the profession.

SAE Institute Dubai is the only film-related vocational type school in the UAE and is also an option to reach your potential and realize your dreams in filmmaking with subjects like basic camera handling, lighting, and editing. Also, training talent for cinema or TV shows is the New York Film Academy Acting and Film School as well as Miranda Davidson Studios FZ, LLC in Abu Dhabi, which offer feature films, short movies, TV series or commercials.

The New York Film Academy (NYFA) – a hands-on film & acting school–will soon hold a hands-on workshop in Dubai to provide a good, basic skill-set for the career. Whether you like working on-set and performing on-stage or be part of the action that is offstage, this opportunity to meet with NYFA is on Saturday March 10, 2018; at that time, auditions, portfolio reviews and an information session will be offered; it’s an ideal way to start building up a network of industry contacts. If interested, reserve your spot today. (RSVP here.)

NYFA is recognized by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) that has stringent criteria for accrediting schools with degree programs of art/design-related disciplines in the United States. Aspiring youth drawn to filmmaking, producing, screenwriting, cinematography, digital editing, documentary film, acting for film, 3D animation and visual effects, photography, game design, musical theatre, graphic design, and virtual reality might want to see what NYFA offers in terms of degree programs, workshops and short-term courses that are being held around the world. NYFA-Abu Dhabi programs and short-term workshops have an open enrollment and offers courses in Filmmaking, Acting for Film and Television, or Screen Writing. No previous experience is required, making it ideal for beginners.

Creative Bites Media Production and Training, which has a passionate team of professionals with a dream to support and grow the media sector of UAE, offers a workshop (Certificate in Fundamentals of Acting) for beginners with little or no experience in media field. Next workshops: 30th March & 6th April 2018 (Fridays) in Dubai. If interested, register here. It is an ideal setting to learn what it takes to become a good actor and know the common practices found on a stage or video set.

Prepare for a UAE Job in Entertainment, Filmmaking and Acting

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