Pricing & Business Intelligence Team Member

Job Offer in Jordan. Seeking: Pricing & Business Intelligence Team Member

Responsible of : Pricing & Planning Intelligence is the governing entity of the analytics in the marketing department. This position is responsible for supporting the management as well as the segment owners within the marketing department with all the necessary information for decision making.

Main Responsibilities and Duties:-
1- Support the marketing management and segment owners with information necessary for proper decision making, covering all needed aspects.
2- Assessing the financial impact of all new marketing initiatives and ensure maximizing value, whether it was above or below the line.
3- Enrich the marketing library with analyses that facilitate division marketing and conduct high level analyses upon arising issues in the market.
4- Overviewing the internal product portfolio and ensure adequate price positioning, as well as ensuring proper external positioning.
5- Assist in the business plans, budgeting exercise, as well as the quarterly re-forecasting.
6- Assist in the segmentation and the churn analysis studies, recommending future actions accordingly.
7- Delivering the weekly and monthly KPIs on timely manner and assure the accuracy of the KPIs presented.
8- Employ available systems to analyze or predict customer behavior such SAS, SPSS… etc.
9- Assist in planning the research roadmap in order to support the marketing department as well as other departments in the organization with needed research whether from in-house surveys or through external parties.
10- Designing the research (questionnaires), provide the correct samples and assure the proper conduction of the process.
11- Ensure timely delivery of research requested, whether it was in-house or out-sourced and assure integrity of these studies.

Job Details

Date Posted: 2014-01-30
Job Location: Amman, Jordan
Job Role: Marketing/PR
Company Industry: Telecommunications
Joining Date: 2014-03-02

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Entry Level
Nationality: Jordan
Degree: Baccalauréat / Diplôme supérieur

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