Railway Recruitment: Etihad Rail, UAE’s National Railway

Searching for railway jobs in UAE? Then look no further than Etihad Rail that is changing the way people and goods move around the country and is investing in railway development. If you want to be part of a new era in transportation then learn more about UAE’s National Railway project that is supposed to bring a positive, long-term impact and benefit to the people and the economy.

The United Arab Emirates’ national freight and passenger railway network is being developed in line with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 and UAE Vision 2021 with “Etihad Rail being one of the key economic projects for growth and diversification.” The railway transport system will be developed in a manner that guarantees maximum operational efficiency and in cooperation with RTA to develop the tourism and industrial activity while meeting the energy needs of present and future generations.

There are several economic benefits brought about by Etihad Rail Network, including faster transportation than highway alternatives; commuters and other travelers will be able to get across the region in as little time possible without the motorway traffic. In addition, the freight trains produce 70-80% less CO2 emissions and will provide the most environmentally friendly mode of transport while connecting more areas within the UAE and GCC.

UAE’s railway program, with its 1200km network that will extend across the region to provide passenger services and freight services, is an integral component of the planned GCC railway network; the 3-stage project is expected to be completed by 2018 and will include freight terminals from the border of Saudi Arabia to the border of Oman.

As the UAE continues its railway journey that will contribute to tourism, support exports of goods and that will facilitate more efficient trade, a greater labor force will also need to be available; so new employment opportunities will be open.

Etihad Rail’s workforce comprises experts of the rail industry and personnel with different nationalities that work cohesively together. Visit the Etihad Rail Official Career page – http://www.etihadrail.ae/en/careers/current-vacancies – for the latest job openings.

Note: One must register to get regular updates and have the chance to apply for various vacancies. If uploading a CV, a member of Etihad Rail’s recruitment team might come back to the applicant once a suitable vacancy is available.

Why work for Etihad Rail? It’s committed to developing and investing in their people. For example it will create opportunities for occupational training and mentorship with Abu Dhabi Vocational Education & Training Institute (ADVETI) for Maintenance & Mechanical Technicians.

As a member of Etihad Rail, you’ll be part of the driving force behind efforts that contribute to the UAE’s railway transportation sector and its rail-related business operations, said Eng. Faris Saif Al Mazrouei, Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Rail.

For more info, contact Etihad Rail PJSC via their website (http://www.etihadrail.ae/en/about/contact) or T: +971 2 499 9999, or else F: +971 2 499 9998.

Railway Recruitment: Etihad Rail, UAE's National Railway

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