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Job Offer in Jordan. Seeking: Senior Contract Engineer

We are currently seeking a senior contract engineer for the construction, expansion, and modification to Oil and Gas / industrial projects such as warehousing complex, work shop plants, lab, power stations, water and waste water treatment Plant.

The Senior Contract Engineer will be responsible to assist the Project Manager in facilitating compliance to the contract, advising and guiding the PMT on Contractual matters, and provide coordination of contractual issues/works related to the project.


1. To conduct analysis, understanding and review of Contracts in terms of rights and obligations.
2. To evaluate all risks associated with existing and future contracts to help the management and advice of the actions to be taken to minimize and overcome the effect of these risks.
3. To prepare claims, and follow up variations, and control the impact of variations on the contract price.
4. To actively draft all contractual correspondence and ensure follow up, and amend based on business needs.
5. To Prepare and issue Claims, and point up contractual problems, disputes and conflicts to the Projects Manager.
6. To review project correspondences received and advise any problem areas together with identification of any changes/additions/deletions to the contract.
7. To ensure that clear and accurate records of contractual matters are maintained and to monitor key dates, against dates defined in the main contract and any subcontracts.
8. To coordinate warranties, performance bonds and insurance and ensure that they are in place in accordance with the main contract and any subcontract conditions.
9. To attend all meetings concerning progress, technical contractual matters, and assist in taking and issuing minutes of such meetings.
10. To ensure that notices and certificates are issued and received in accordance with the main contract and subcontracts.
11. To identify with the cooperation of the Project Manager required resources (human, material, equipment’s…) for the project, including the when these resources are required and the duration.
12. To document and identify project requirements and make sure that these requirements are taken into consideration in all project’s aspects (Engineering, Procurement, Quantity Surveying, etc.).
13. To act as the liaison between the Project departments; Panning, Procurement, Engineering, Site Execution.
14. To follow up the work progress in the projects, and track their financial and time schedules.
15. To propose corrective actions whenever the project is behind schedules and/or above budget.
16. To prepare contracts with sub-contractors, and follow up the performance of such sub-contractors and their compliance with their subcontracts.
17. To coordinate between all project’s stakeholders in all aspects related to the project (submittals, approvals, agreements with subcontractors, schedules, etc.).
18. To identify problems and report them to the Projects Manager, and propose corrective actions when possible.


1. Certified Construction Contract Administration (CCCA) certification
2. Knowledge of cost and price evaluation techniques to conduct detailed final technical data.
3. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, .
4. 4 to 8 years in a related industry experience

Job Details

Date Posted: 2014-03-04
Job Location: Amman, Jordan
Job Role: Engineering
Company Industry: Construction/Civil Engineering

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career

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