Social Media Influencer and Marketing Specialists

Nowadays, influencers are playing a key role to help marketers be more successful in driving brand awareness, leads, and revenue. They utilize essential tools and techniques to set up and run campaigns on social platforms to help grow the clients’ business while fostering communities, building brands and driving sales. Today, thanks to social media, influencers are changing people’s minds and impacting some of their decisions; therefore, many brands are now looking at these figures to promote their products more effectively and there’s a large community of influencers who are ready to engage with the right brands.

So, what does it take to become an influencer? First of all you need to be able to create a follower base of people interested in what you are saying.  Then it’s time to engage with brands that might be interested in the audience you have targeted. After, comes the part of promoting the brand in a way that still doesn’t undermine your credibility. The role doesn’t have fixed guidelines; social media influencers come from different walks of life as well as different social, geographical and cultural backgrounds. Of course, in order to enter this diverse, flexible, and rewarding career, you need to have the digital know-how and be social networking savvy.

Who’s hiring? Well, there’s many Digital Marketing Agencies of Dubai that are always on the lookout for talented people to join their team. Some options are normally available for Drive Dentsu, or the FP7 DXB or Grow’s Digital Marketing internship program; other openings can be found at Hug Digital, Redberries, or Socialize, just to name a few of the Influencer Marketing Providers.

There are also openings for Marketing Manager, Social Media Specialist, Outreach Coordinator and more found often in portals like

  • “In the field of marketing, 2018 will be the year of the influencer for the MENA region,” tells Mohammed Said, iHC Influencers. And with Influencer Marketing in UAE on the rise, it also came the need to begin regulating this growing market. UAE’s National Media Council is now requiring a license by June 2018 for all those that conduct ‘commercial activities’ through social media. Hefty fines will be given to those that will be found not compliant.

In many cases, an influencer can be a game changer for any business simply by using their talents as online content marketers by providing additional visibility that will yield a positive benefit for brands. Feel free to contact us for further info.

Social Media Influencer and Marketing Specialists

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