Social Media Photographers and Videographers Jobs in Dubai

Social media has opened the door to a world of opportunity for Photographers and Videographers. Just think about how many photos are uploaded to the various websites that serve as a virtually free photography exhibit where artists can display their work and build large groups of followers and get more clients. Social photography is growing.

Can talented photographers be spotted in social media? The answer is yes! Photographers who display their work on visual social media channels gain quicker visibility. They also have a chance to interact with their followers more directly, build awareness and gain better understanding of the audience and its expectations. In a way, social media is changing photography or, at least, creating a new type of photo artist.

Through sites like Instagram or Snapchat, for example, photography becomes a medium of social communication. In addition, many businesses are looking to photographers who can shoot images that can help them establish their online presence and evolve their brand online.

Those who decide to take on the profession of photographer in the UAE, must do so with caution, as there are laws concerning photography. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of things to photograph in the region, with its stunning landmarks and spectacular natural scenery.

There are also opportunities to work on new, dynamic social media projects with cutting edge video/ photography equipment.

Some of the latest vacancies:

  • Grafdom – Dubai – is seeking a Photographer/Videographer that has an ability to create and produce media projects for campaigns, marketing, and general branding. Those with photography experience, knowledge of adobe Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite are encouraged to apply. You will be responsible for shooting, designing videos and photos, editing, creating content for social media pages and for engaging users on the campaigns about the business.
  • Onstage International – Dubai – is looking for a Videographer/Photographer. Interested candidates ought to be able to edit for web and social media usage. As well, they must have a good amount of experience in terms of social media posts.

Using photography as a business tool in social media has been vital to online success for many companies since online content have become increasingly visual. Photography is and has always been fundamental to social media, says Nico de Corato, DubaiBlog Network, who is a speaker at the Nikon School and shares his  personal experiences managing websites and social media pages through trainings and workshops with expert tips, and a Q&A session. He also shares how great photography in social media is a key element of marketing and helps communicating what makes a business unique.

Social Media Photographers and Videographers Jobs in Dubai

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