The Most In-Demand UAE Jobs in 2018

What will the job market look like in 2018? As some firms may be planning job cuts which sectors will see the hiring of additional staff? Which key UAE industries will see their employment situation improving?

The overall hiring landscape remains positive for companies in the consumer goods industry, resulting from increased activities in retail and wholesale trade and supported by a growth in new orders of produced-goods and services. In general, more consultants for sales and marketing are needed to support clients.

In 2018, great opportunities might be found in accounting and finance, hospitality and services, human resources, marketing, communications, engineering and production, information technology (software, hardware and telecom), while recruitment for healthcare roles is expected to be the biggest generator of employment opportunities, reported Gulf News.

Here are some key positions that might be in demand in UAE in 2018:

  • TAX MANAGERS. The introduction of value added tax (VAT) in January 2018 brings the demand for tax specialists and management accountants. Financial professionals are needed to help organizations deal with the changes that the unfamiliar tax regime will introduce, said Gareth El Mettouri, associate director at Robert Half Middle East, who expects more finance and accounting vacancies as a result of VAT implementation.
  • SALES AND MARKETING MEDIA SPECIALISTS. Online advertising agencies are in need of personnel for the sale of products on existing or new development programs through a range of different digital media. Jobs as a Digital Marketing Strategist or Coordinator are in abundance, due to the rise in the number of entrepreneurs setting up digital retail businesses.
  • RETAIL AND CORPORATE BANKING DIRECTORS. Those in such positions will be the key decision makers that can transform banks and other financial institutions that opt to create a digital cash system and implement blockchain technology on three areas: consumer lending, retail payments, and reference data, as noted

More and more companies in these areas are prepared to hire more employees to meet their new year’s business objectives.

In general, UAE companies will be in need of more contractors, consultancy or developers to fill new roles in business functions. One can expect an increased headcount and good career growth prospects. To best prepare to land a great position, candidates should ideally hold a degree, have training or experience in the discipline they apply to. Skills and practice can expect attractive salaries.

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The Most In-Demand UAE Jobs in 2018

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