Tips for Finding Employment in UAE; Tactics to Get the Job

When it comes to filling available vacancies, every employer has its own recruiting strategy, but all have the same goal: to hire the right person in terms of skills, abilities and fit for the company. If you have not found an employment opportunity yet and haven’t secured any interviews after sending hundreds of CVs, it’s time to re-look at your game plan and take advantage of the many job opportunities available in the UAE today.

The first step is choosing the right niche or job vacancies. It is useless to apply for dozens of positions for which you don’t have most qualifications. In a market with hundreds of interested applicants for every good position advertised, HR departments or headhunters will screen candidacies without mercy and only those who can ensure the quickest learning curve will be referred to the employers for interviews. Preparing for a job in UAE also means honing necessary skills and knowledge and preparing, for example, by studying local laws and willing, if not fluent, to improve Arabic language skills (or at least learn the essential).

Next comes crafting a compelling CV that highlights one’s unique skills and abilities in order to stand out and get noticed. The CV should be clear, concise and tailored to the type of opportunity you are targeting by highlighting relevant experience and achievements in the field.

Elaborating on your resume, the cover letter should tell hiring managers why you are the best fit for their specific position or workplace to which you are applying. It’s crucial to ensure the letter is well devised in order to spark employers’ interest in you and encourage them to read your resume.

Networking is always essential, and the UAE is no exception. Use the power of networking to increase your chances of being referred and/or building potential opportunities with those looking to learn about you. Alumni groups, associations, former coworkers, neighbors, friends can all be a source of information on new position that become available or might create a meaningful connection with an employer. Networking shouldn’t end with a job offer but should continue throughout the years for the entire worker’s career.

Another important aspect is diversification in the job search. Applicants shouldn’t limit themselves to online job hunting through portals but should be creative in finding opportunities. After identifying a particular field of interest, they should visit career pages of relevant companies in the sector, join dedicated social media groups or participate to meetings and conferences organized by associations in the field. Touch base with job hunters and employment agencies on the ground but make sure to contact only reputable, well known firms to avoid scams.

So what if these tips for finding employment help you identify the job of your dreams and help you secure an interview?

The next step is to shine by planning an effective job interview that will highlight and explain key points of your resume, reemphasize the strongest qualifications and reiterate the interest in the position. This calls for a good balance of spontaneity and careful preparation. Here are a few tips to consider.

  • At the interview, be sure to dress appropriately.
  • Be yourself. You are trying to make a strong lasting impression on hiring managers but hiding behind a façade is never a good strategy if your goal is a lasting relationship.
  • Do your homework. Study the company through its social presence, website and, if available, disclosed financial records; however, make sure not to give the impression of having simply learned a lesson. You need to come across as genuinely interested in the business, its presence in the market and its current projects.
  • After the interview, express your sincere appreciation for the opportunity to be interview and for the consideration.

Tips for Finding Employment in UAE; Tactics to Get the Job

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