UAE Domestic Labor Jobs: New TAD-BEERs Opening Soon

Tadbeer Service Centers across the country are replacing domestic worker recruitment agencies and support the growing need of domestic workers who are being hired under the family’s sponsorship through TAD-BEER’s one-stop center as either full-time live-in or as on-demand cleaning services (daily, weekly and monthly).

Recently, the emirates have opened several new Tadbeer service centers that will offer hiring services for domestic workers in the country as authorized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE domestic labor law/federal law #10/2017). Families will now have to recruit domestic workers via Tadbeer centers whose services will be regulated by the ministry, and that will guarantee proper visa, orientation, training and recruitment of workers.

Today, there are many employment opportunities for domestic workers; nannies, maids and household employees comprise a significant part of the UAE workforce. Some are live-in housekeepers and have their own quarters.

“Tadbeer centers will set a new standard for the provision of services to domestic helpers, enabling access to better information and training, and ensuring that working conditions and accommodation are appropriate,” the Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation Saqr Ghobash told GulfNews.

When hiring domestic help, it is always important to know about the contractual rights on working conditions for the domestic worker and household requiring the service. Government says Tadbeer will ensure each worker is doing only the work allocated by their job descriptions and is compensated for their type of household labor, are given the proper time off and is ensured all the rights that the newest regulations afford them.

The opening of new Tadbeer centers for the recruitment of domestic workers (maid, nanny, housekeeper) helps in enacting or cancelling of contracts and continuing or discontinuing services of such labors to explain what’s involved with the hired person regarding insurance coverage, flight, passport renewal and medical tests, tells Denise McGinty, CEO of Housekeeping Co. that partnered with TAD-BEER.

To learn more about the TAD-BEER Housekeeping Co in support of the MOHRE Emiritization System, which provides domestic help across the UAE and offers orientation and training services of new workers, see: Tadbeer service centers (PDF, 100 KB).

At this moment, there are currently nine Tadbeer centers open across the UAE with the ministry planning to open 24 centers across the country in the near future, as 15 centers are to be accessible in the second phase.

If you are interested in entering the workforce as domestic workers, please make sure to review the following requirements:

  • Candidates will be required be fluent in Arabic/English.
  • Must possess a record free of any criminal violations.
  • Ought to have a few years of experience in the same field in which they’ll provide the service as a domestic worker. However, those who are untrained and have little or no experience in dealing with households can be provided with training courses

To find available jobs, visit Email your CV The site also helps families identify domestic workers (maid, nanny, housekeeper) based on their needs and expectations.

UAE Domestic Labor Jobs: New TAD-BEERs Opening Soon

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