UAE Jobs at Apple Inc.

UAE Jobs at Apple Inc.Job Offer: UAE Apple Retail Roles, Services & Product Resellers

Location: Apple Inc. is ready to hire more UAE employees at its retail stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Available Positions: There are a number of positions currently open, 32 in fact; they can be found at the company’s website at

Currently, Apple has listed 16 retail jobs on its website for available positions in Dubai, while there are 14 openings in its Abu Dhabi stores.

Here are some of the jobs found in both cities.

* UAE-Business Specialist – S/he will be responsible to introduce Apple solutions, technology, and services to business customers. Qualifications: Have knowledge of Apple products; feel comfortable using the phone to interact with customers in order to generate new leads and build relationships.

* UAE-Service Specialist – This person’s role will be to provide support and service tasks to those customers that need assistance. Qualifications: They must have the ability to assess customers’ support needs when they arrive, then provide solutions or refer them to other team members who can get them up and running again.
UAE-Expert – The person becomes a key representative of Apple, serving as a leader in sales, product knowledge, and solutions, while turning curious visitors into loyal customers. Qualifications: Able to quickly learn about new products and deliver great customer experiences — no matter what the situation.

Job Category: Apple Retail

Requirements: For any of the listed positions, the applicant must have a passion for learning about Apple technology and products that are constantly changing in the retail environment. Be able to deliver positive experiences for customers.

Necessities: The must-haves include strong people and communication skills; multilingual ability is a plus.

Job Vacancies Post Date: 17 June 2015

To apply for any of the mentioned jobs, go to the Jobs at Apple site ( then select UAE as the country. Then sign in with your Apple ID, or submit your resume without a profile via’s authorization page to register a new account and complete the application information online. Alternatively, go to create an Apple ID by going to Then search for Apple jobs at


One of the big advantages of being employed by the company is the fact it is among the world’s most successful company’s leading the way in technology with great growth and a great culture, all the way down to its retail employees.

Why Work for Apple Inc.? Apple Retail is interesting with incredible benefits (such as medical and dental coverage) and opportunities (to buy company stock) that set it apart (positively) from any other retail organization. Working in Apple retail, one of most profitable retail stores in the world, also allows employees to get a product they want on its launch day while skipping lines.

The construction of the new brick-and-mortar stores in UAE makes it so “Apple would be able to meet the growing demand for its products without using third-party resellers,” noted the IBT Media Inc. post “Apple Inc. Targets Middle East For New Retail Locations” that disclosed the news last month.

A recent UAE daily Khaleej Times’ report confirmed the opening of new Apple stores soon, with the world’s largest Apple Store set to open in August 2015 in Mall of the Emirates’ Fashion District. In addition, there is news of a second store in Abu Dhabi’s newly opened Yas Mall, and possible third store in Downtown Dubai by the end of the year.

As Apple Inc. sets in motion its new retail locations in the UAE, it plans to staff up big in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Apple is now recruiting in the United Arab Emirates for several retail positions, such as a Manager, Expert, Genius, Creative, Specialist, and Store Leader roles, among others.

UAE Jobs at Apple Inc.

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